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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Social Media Suprised By Shekhinaha’s Diss Track To Major League

Social Media Suprised By Shekhinaha’s Diss Track

After the release of her debut album with some pretty cool collaborations, its now obvious that Shekhinah is one of South Africa’s youngest and most celebrated vocalists.
Just yesterday, verse from a song titled Thirsty in her debut album has got some of her fans and people in general confused after she fired shots at Major League DJ’s for supposedly not paying her for a gig.
In the track, Shekhinah said: “I don’t play in the Major League I know that the brothers try to run away from paying me and once again a man takes the lead. I guess I’ll just take a back seat and sip on my tea…”
Some people who caught wind of the verse were quite surprised at what Shekhinah was saying, including Major League DJ’s as well. The DJ’s then recently responded with a WhatsApp screenshot of their conversation with Shekhinah which involved them paying her for that particular gig.
Our guess is that Shekhinah wrote the song at a time when she was not paid which could’ve been a year or a few months ago. Artists sometimes tend to put songs that they created years ago on their new albums and Thirsty might just be one of those songs.
Knowing how the industry goes, Shekhinah and Major League are probably laughing things off now.
But besides the Thirsty track, Rose Gold is quite a great album, Different is our personal favourite amongst her other hits such as Suited and Just Fine.

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