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Monday, February 19, 2018

muisc: Wiki Murks Hypnotic Banger "Hands Out"

Wiki Murks Hypnotic Banger "Hands Out"

wiki drops off a pair of solid bonus tracks, including "Hands Out."

Lyricism is not dead. New York's Wiki previously dropped off No Mountains In Manhattan, a smoke-fueled voyage from project alleyways to the finest Chinatown establishments. If you haven't yet checked for that yet call yourself a hip-hop head perhaps you need a revaluation. Lyrically, Wiki is reminiscent of pinnacle underground rap, without the tired backpacking cliches. With a clever penchant for weaving imaginative imagery, the Raking emcee has long strived on the strength of his cult following. Today, he's back with a few bonus tracks, including "Hands Out." 

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