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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Netherlands minister seeks to collaborate with anti human trafficking bodies

Netherlands minister in Nigeria, seeks end to human trafficking
The Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Stephanus Blok, has said human trafficking must end in Nigeria, stressing that his country and the Nigerian authorities must strengthen cooperation to tackle illegal migration and human abuses.

Blok stated this in Abuja at the headquarters of the National Agency for the Prohibition in Trafficking in Persons, after a closed-door meeting between the Dutch delegation and NAPTIP officials.

The Netherlands minister said Europe was at the receiving end of such illegal migration and urged people with qualifications to apply legally.

Blok said, “We have both agreed that there is much suffering involved when people leave their country and fall into the hands of traffickers. They are abused and fall into slavery. This happens in Libya, across the Mediterranean Sea and in Europe.

“And we have discussed how we can improve the cooperation in these fields. Netherlands and Nigeria are committed to ending this illegal immigration and the people who have the qualifications should apply for legal migration.

“We want the scourge of human trafficking to end.”

Meanwhile the NAPTIP Director-General, Julie Okah-Donli, has said The Netherlands has pledged to assist the agency in the rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking, intelligence gathering and information sharing.

She said, “The crime of human trafficking can only be curbed when the country of origin and the country of destination work together and have joint investigations and operations. This will enable us to destroy the criminal network gangs. Netherlands has promised to assist the agency to rehabilitate the victims of human trafficking and to invest more in the country which will provide more jobs for Nigerians.”

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