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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Management of Violent Conflict and Insecurity

Management of Violent Conflict and Insecurity

Preventive measures are the necessary steps taken in ensuring maximum
security in any society that encompasses good governance and peace
building that are the subjects of this section.
Good Governance: The essence of good governance is to guarantee a
congenial environment where aspirations and lawful activities can be
carried out freely to ensure stability and development. It is the running
of the affairs of a responsible government of any society, in a manner
that produces progress and development for the government and the
governed. Good governance comprises economic reconstruction,
demobilisation and reintegration of all armed forces, ensuring public
safety and security, preventing the renewal of hostilities, restoration of
the rule of law that include human rights protection, confidence-building
programmes between the security forces and the civil society;
developing a vibrant and educated civil society that understands security
issues and concentrates attention on reform at all levels; and a conducive
political landscape (including strong leadership, political parties and a
system of parliamentary supervision).
It is a process whereby the policy makers duly take the necessary actions
and right decisions. Such governance easily gains the backing of the
citizens. Therefore, the good governance prevents the emergence of
violence and even ensures maximum security in any society.
Peace Building: This should be in the short and long term programme,
it is a required measure for removing the causes of violence and a way
of strengthening the social structures of any society. Peace building

could be a post conflict measure that forestalls the eruption of violence
in future. It should strengthen the socio-political structures of any
society. It is an aggregate of actions and measures that need to be taken
after the cessation of violence, to prevent any renewal of such event.

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